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Curio malting is proudly part of Curio Group Ltd, we are passionate about the malting industry around the world and our focus is on giving you all the tools you need to be successful and make sure your maltings are a success. We have a wealth of knowledge, over 30 years’ experience in the industry, and we're always happy to advise.

Our global reputation for excellence has been built on the design and manufacture of machines of the highest quality, often built bespoke to meet specific customer needs. This is coupled with outstanding customer service - we go above and beyond to help clients around the world.

In our catalogue, you will find:

Micromaltings Range: Our range of fully automated Micromaltings is used by a variety of clients, including major breweries, distilleries, malting companies and research laboratories worldwide. Using laboratory-scale malt samples (100g – 8kg per tank), these machines are designed for testing new malting regimes or analysing and overcoming production problems encountered in full-scale plants. Our Micromaltings are unparalleled in their analytical capability, data logging, comprehensive application and ease of use.

Brewer's Range: In response to customer demand, we have recently launched a new range of machines for batches of up to 50kg - one step up from our micromaltings. With the same capabilities as all of our other malting systems, the 50kg is aimed as Brewer's range that can enhance plain base malts into rich and flavoursome ones. We undertook research in 2017 to re-kiln malts and help breweries to revive true heritage beer flavours.

Pilot Plants Range: Our Pilot Plant malting machines are designed for larger scale malting, offering 150–250kg batch sizes.  This enables breweries and malting houses to test different grains, recipes and flavours in a controlled, analytical environment.

​We also offer deculmer machines, systems for grain transport (screw conveyors or vacuum systems), mashing baths and more!

Apart from our machinery, we also offer people the chance of acquiring knowledge through our experts from malting experiences, training and consultancy appointments.

Get in touch and find out how your company can benefit from our services and equipment!

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