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Malting Schedules

Comparison Between Expandable and Combined Systems

Curio Malting has over 30 years' experience in malting equipment, expandable and combined systems.

Normal Combined system, as our competitors have in the market, behave as the graphic below. In a month (30 days production) you can only get 3 full batches of malt.


For our Brewers and Pilot Range, we have completely expandable systems, with separated Steep, Germinator and Kilns. That allows you to expand your production adding different quantities of each equipment, getting the best utilisation of your plant considering the duration of each process. 

With only one of each (1 Steep, 1 Germinator and 1 Kiln) you can already produce 5 full batches in 30 days production. Expanding it to its full potential (2 Steep, 5 Germinators and 2 Kilns), you can get incredible 23 full batches in a month. Check it out:


This is for UK barleys and Northern European barleys. Southern Europe and South American barleys will steep in a shorter time, so the number of batches will increase slightly. And as you can see from the charts even the smallest of the expandable systems runs more efficiently than a combined system. 

Want to know more about our system? Check our products pages and get in touch!

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