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Mashing Bath


Mashing Bath Refurbishment

Give Your Equipment a New Lease of Life

Rather than spending up to £40,000 on a brand new mashing bath when yours is no longer performing, Curio Malting can offer you a refurbished and updated model for a fraction of the price, with virtually no waiting time.

Our refurbished mashing baths are programmable, already come with pre-programmed recipes  and can produce the high number of samples needed to feed the automated analysers (such as the Scalar system and the automated GC-MS). 

Key advantages of this service include:

  • Improved efficiency and ease of use with the introduction of more up to date technology

  • Complete refurbishment and aesthetic make-over

  • Greater range of options and variables for programming

  • Fully automated running

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Refurbishment - What We Do

  • All existing plumbing replaced

  • New motors as required

  • Tank connections replaced with welded tubes

  • Frames and panels re-welded and repaired

  • Powder coated

  • Casters replaced

  • Main bath element up-graded to 4KW

  • Manual taps replaced with electrically operated valves

  • Dispense system replaced

  • Rubber gasket for beakers replaced

  • Recipe selection via front panel

  • Touchscreen control system installed to provide temperature control of the main and dispense tanks. This also controls filling, draining, dispensing and timing for the bath

  • Calibration set locally via touchscreen control system

  • Ethernet connection makes remote access and programming possible

  • Data is logged and can be extracted for export to excel spreadsheets

Costs and Lease Options

From £14,500 - according to the level of refurbishment required on the machine we replace for you. With a new mashing bath twenty five pots will be required - and price to purchase the pot units will be sent separately if required.  We also offer a low-cost annual service package (clean, descale, high-level machine review and report of work likely to be required within 12 months) – please contact us for more details. We can refurbish and return your own machine should you prefer – call us for an estimate of price and lead time.

We have been actively listening to our customers’ needs and are pleased to offer a lease option on all our malting equipment to spread the costs over monthly payments.  There are multiple benefits of using a lease option over initial capital outlay and we have highlighted some of the benefits below:

  • Maximise cash flow

  • Spread the cost with monthly or quarterly payments, over 2,3,4,5 or in some cases even 7 years

  • Fixed payments for accurate budgeting and effective forecasting

  • Payments are 100% tax allowable

  • Off balance sheet debt

  • Low Capital expenditure.


* All prices are ex-works, exclusive of VAT and expenses not otherwise specified.

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