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Laboratory Range

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Overview and Background

Our world-wide reputation has been built on the design and manufacture of machines of the highest quality - often to meet a very specific customer requirement.


The Laboratory Range aims to support laboratories of malting companies, brewers and distillers, craft brewers, farmers, malting weighbridges, food manufacturers, grain stores and home brewers, offering access to analytical equipment and facilitating small samples work.

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Laboratory Equipment

Manual Deculmer

Our dual purpose screen and deculmer has been designed and engineered in response to overwhelming customer demand for a more effective small scale machine. Used both to pre-screen and clean grains before malting and to deculm finished malt ready for bagging the deculmer works efficiently and sensitively – with no damage to even the most delicate of grains. Increasingly popular for use as a “final polish” on sales samples, and other malt that has been deculmed on larger production systems. Left or right handed operation, with complete antistatic construction.

Key features:​

  • Quick and effective – average 2 minute process

  • Removes the need for manual sieving

  • Holds up to each up to 500g

  • 2.2mm slots to work with a wide range of grains

  • Compact, low maintenance, easy to clean

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UV Test Equipment

Our UV Test Equipment consists in a system with a UV LED and USB digital microscope that allows the analysis of grain samples with UV light straight in your computer’s screen. 


The USB microscope come equipped with its own set of daylight LEDs, so along with UV examination it can also be used for daylight studies. It is great for calcofluor fluorescence studies on germinating barley, but there could be several different other uses.


Our innovative new Turbo kiln allows for quick drying sample preparation, and real time analysis before kilning of germinating grain, saving time and keeping your information up to date. Prototype testing has revealed that up to 1kg of malt can be dried within 4hrs. This enables the maltster to potentially change their production schedules on the results of a Turbokilned sample.

Key features:

  • Simple switch on/switch off device with LED Indicator

  • 0-90 °C temperature dial without any complicated input for settings or alterations.

  • The sample pot used is the same as those used for kilning in our micromaltings, and also for our deculming systems, providing compatibility across our range of test equipment.

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