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We have a wealth of knowledge, over 30 years’ experience in the industry, and we're always happy to advise.



We understand every aspect of how a modern malthouse works, from getting the economics right to perfecting the recipes to making sure everything is properly maintained. Whether you need our help to refine your business model or to check your approach to making malt, we will design a tailor made package of support to suit.



Repair and Replacement of Mashing Baths

We plan to launch our own range of mashing baths within the next two years. Until then we offer a comprehensive service package for the refurbishment of your existing mashing baths. We can either remove and repair an existing bath, or immediately replace it with one which we’ve previously refurbished. At less than half of the cost of a new bath, but including new PLC controls, motors and fully refurbished working parts, many of our customers see this as an indispensable service.

















Planned Services and Maintenance

All our machines come with a substantial warranty and an outstanding working life. In fact, the very first machines we made back in the 1980s and are still going strong. One reason for that is the service plans we offer with every sale. Regular maintenance, as part of a planned service programme, is highly recommended.  This is to ensure that your machines are always operating at optimum efficiency. 


Our team of expert engineers is on standby 24/7. Servicing is also available for a number of machines made by competitors who no longer trade.



Site Survey and Plant Audit

Understanding the scale of what you need – and where you are going to locate your equipment - can be critical. We offer tailor made packages of support to fit your business needs including positioning of utilities, drainage and entrances and exits. Similarly we can also advise on planned changes to existing operations, including the viability of the machines you already have.

Malting Courses

Our courses range from an introduction to the science and technology of malting to the more specific biochemistry and technology underlying the entire process.

Led by our malt experts, using the latest technology, our courses are modular and interactive to ensure a comprehensive approach to understanding malt and the malting process.

Repair and Replacement of Mashing Baths2
Repair and Replacement of Mashing Baths3
Repair and Replacement of Mashing Baths1
Mashing Bath Repairs
Services & Maintenance
Plant Audit
Malting Courses
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